The way brands think about advertising and content is changing.

Our content production platform empowers advertisers to drive content-based ad experiences and achieve higher brand lift. Today we provide custom ad solutions and formats, employing a broad set of targetting and optimisation technologies to deliver them across multiple sites in our network.

Our native advertising platform will launch by mid-2013. It is currently in beta and we are excited about how it will change agencies’ ability to curate and distribute content.

Advertisers also get access to vetted professional writers and third party content which advertisers can syndicate for use in branded content campaigns. Writers are catalogued by vertical expertise, experience and social influence.

Our premium network of independent publishers gives advertisers access to engaging content and high intent audiences for advertising and branded content campaigns. Our company started out in Health, Parenting, Fashion & Beauty, but is quickly expanding to other verticals too.

If you would like to learn more or sign up to our native advertising beta contact us here.