Building a profitable business as an independent publisher is hard.

Our content production platform empowers publishers to build a successful online business by scaling content production, distribution and user management. In addition a broad set of advertising targeting & optimisation technologies provide the tech foundation to earn more money from premium advertising.

Becoming a partner in our premium network connects publishers to relevant brand advertisers and achieves higher yield on ad inventory than indirect sales.

Our experienced direct sales team covers all major agencies so publishers can focus on building engaging content and grow their audience without the additional cost or time requirement to manage an in-house sales team. Publishers also benefit from our in-house ability to produce custom ad solutions.

Content-hungry publishers also get access to vetted professional writers.

What else do you want? Actually… if you have an idea – let us know here.

Platform features:

  • Automates content production workflow, including content evaluation
  • Automates writer management workflow, including payment
  • Seamless integration with existing publisher CMS
  • Enables user management, including content promotion/sharing
  • State-of-the-art ad platform, including semantic/contextual targetting

If you are an independent UK or Australia based publisher, we‘d like to get to know more about your business. Get in touch with us here.

For US publisher clients with existing UK or Australian traffic we offer a variety of services from market representation to launching and fully operating locally produced sites and services. If you are interested in learning more, drop us a line here.

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